Women’s sports will dominate screens at new Oregon bar


The bar, dedicated to the dissemination of women’s sport, opens its doors in April.

Screenshot of The Sports Bra Facebook page

A Portland bar set to open this spring is looking to change the game for sports viewing – flipping the switch and showcasing women’s sports.

The sports brarestaurant and bar for all ages, is the brainchild of chef Jenny Nguyen, who often encounter roadblocks trying to find a bar that would change the channel for men’s sports consuming the airwaves, Eater reported.

“I said, ‘The only way for us to watch a women’s game is to open our own venue,'” Nguyen told Eater.

Think about it: it’s rare to walk into a sports bar at any time in the United States and see the majority of televisions showing a WNBA game or an NWSL game. Instead, the faces of LeBron James, Derek Carr or Shohei Ohtani take up space on the screens.

40% of athletes are women,Nguyen, a former basketball player, told Oregon Live. “96% of all athletes on television are male.”

Nguyen put his thoughts into action with a little inspiration from his girlfriend as well as the flourishing of the #MeToo movement.

“There were these social movements that really made me think about what I could do,” she told Eater. “It was my partner who said, ‘Hey, you know how you’ve been joking about the sports bra for years? You should.'”

Thanks to a Kickstarter campaign that has reached over $95,000 at the time of this article’s publication, Nguyen’s dream is now on the verge of becoming a reality and hopefully changing the way women look and appreciate. sport in their own space.

We’ll change the channel. Our goal is to play as many women’s sports as there is to offer and when there are no games to broadcast we will try to fill that space with women’s sports content like podcasts, interviews, documentaries and more,” states The Sports Bra website.

“Our mission is to support, empower and promote women and girls in the community through sport. By giving people a place to celebrate women’s sports with food and drink, we want to build a movement, a culture around female sports audiences and fandom that has never been done before.

Nguyen even teamed up with women-owned breweries in the Portland area, SB Nation reported.

The bar is expected to open in early April.

TJ Macías is a live national sports reporter for the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex-based McClatchy. Previously, TJ covered Pace for the Dallas Mavericks and Texas Rangers for numerous outlets, including 24/7 Sports and Mavs Maven (Sports Illustrated). Twitter: @TayloredSiren

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