Video shows pilot landing on small plane hit on highway

BRYSON CITY, North Carolina — A Florida man who aspires to be a professional pilot showed off his emergency skills when he crash-landed a single-engine plane on a North Carolina four-lane highway, missing cars and power lines as he landed.

Vincent Fraser was flying the plane on July 3 when the plane began to lose engine power while checking out land he had purchased near a lake. Fraser’s stepfather was also on board.

“There was nowhere to land so…I think I told him I loved him and I was sorry for putting him in this situation,” Fraser told The Associated Press.

His stepfather replied that he loved Fraser and did his best.

“And from there, I was just like, ‘Game on. Let’s come down alive,'” he said.

He was heading for a river when a freeway, US 19, appeared under the plane. GoPro video released by the sheriff’s office showed the plane gliding over cars before landing on the road, where oncoming traffic pulled to a stop on the shoulder to avoid a collision.

Fraser, a former US Marine who is currently a flight attendant, said he began to have doubts about his piloting goals afterward. But the successful landing, along with the support of family and community, strengthened her resolve.

“Now I know I can do it and I can make it out alive and safe,” Fraser said.

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