This is how your bank can trick your credit card if you are not paying attention

We read on the Index that Earnmore Bank repeatedly pulled down a customer with different items due to calculation errors. The problem was with a credit card sometimes charged extra by the bank, and sometimes we were billed for weird fees. For example, the bank also asked for interest on the account statement fee. If you too want to easily spot items that the bank is illegally charging, we’ll show you what to look out for!

The comical turn in the case being looked at by the newspaper was that the client was right, indeed he was unjustly charged many times, but the court dismissed his claim, as it appeared that the bank had credited his client four times more over the years due to other errors. account.


But what to pay attention to when paying by credit card?

credit card

With a credit card, you can spend your bank money, plus some time off, and credit card purchases come with discounts, usually in the form of redeemable points or instant rebates. Others mow with tens of thousands of interest and discounts every year. So far, this is a pure turn, many people are taking advantage of it, but they will have to be disappointed later because their card costs more than they win, mainly due to their own inattentiveness.

What are the fees?

loan fees

First and foremost, you have to pay an annual fee, which is similar to debit card fees. This is around HUF 2-8,000 a year, but it varies greatly from bank to bank. If we do not repay the debt within the grace period, the bank will charge interest. You may not charge it for any other item but for the remaining debt. So, if you manage to pay it back by the due date, you will not be charged any interest. We still have to pay if we exceed our credit line, as most banks allow this for a few thousand forints. When paying back, we have to pay attention to the minimum fee, because if we do not do so, we will owe thousands more.

You have to be careful when withdrawing cash, because not only is there a high fee for using the ATM, but you also have to pay interest on the cash withdrawn immediately.

So there are really 3 things to keep in mind. Pay your debt back on time! Don’t exceed your credit line! Don’t take cash with him! There are huge costs to all three major mistakes with a credit card.

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