These incredible military planes can easily be mistaken for UFOs

Since the 1950s, when UFO reports first started to settle, the official Pentagon line has been that several are right. military airplane. Plot enthusiasts may claim these are just excuses, but the point is that several experimental military aircraft used over the years are, in fact, odd enough to be mistaken for a flying saucer or otherworldly craft. . Many were simply experimental models that could never be piloted for real, even when tested.

Other planes are notable not only for being in production, but also in use for years. They look like some kind of advanced space fighter plane, while others have designs that challenge the conventional idea of ​​aeronautical engineering. ”

Seeing them in flight, it’s no wonder someone could mistake them for a plane from outer space. These ten incredible military planes look like they came straight out of a sci-fi movie and it’s no wonder some of them may well arouse UFO enthusiasts.

ten Martin X-24B lifting body

Martin X-24B experimental lifting body aircraft

One of NASA’s main training ships, the X-24B improved on design of the X-24A and really looked like a ready-to-fly science fiction “drop ship”. In this case, this is exactly what happened when the X-24B was launched from a B-52 before firing its rockets for a landing.

Via the military factory

It allowed pilots to test near weightless conditions and to master re-entry and landing without an engine. It was also a cool looking vehicle designed to fly fast and get a good landing, but it still stands out as an incredible ride for the current space program.

9 North American X-15

North American-X-15
via airandspacemagazine

The US military had a penchant in the 1950s for “lean and wicked” planes and the X-15 was a prime example. Resembling a missile with small wings, it set a Mach 6.7 record at nearly 20 miles high, the world record for the highest speed recorded by a manned crew.

In fact, these pilots qualified for astronaut status before the launch of the space program. Thanks to that performance and great design (plus the way it could be dropped from a bomber), the X-15 qualified as close to a spacecraft as a regular jet could get. .

8 Vought V-173


If an American plane could have helped ignite the madness of UFOs, it was “the flying pancake.“Created as an experimental program during WWII, the Vought V-173 was nothing but a huge disc-shaped body lifting the small cockpit and large propellers up front making it weirder. .

via Pixdaus

The aspect of the almost vertical takeoff was revolutionary for the time and the machine carried out nearly 200 test flights. Although it may not have gone into full production, the sight of the V-173 flying over an air base has undoubtedly prompted many reports of flying saucers over the years.

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seven Douglas X3 Stiletto


It’s good when an airplane is explicit in its name. The Douglas X-3 looks like its title, a stylus ready to make its way anywhere. It is historic as the first use of titanium in major aircraft components and its surprisingly thin construction has added to its appeal.

Douglas X-3 x NASA plane
Via Reddit

The Stilettos frame looks like a rocket from a 1950s movie, so it’s no wonder it could be mistaken for the real one. It never reached full production because it didn’t reach Mach-1, but Lockheed used it as the basis for the F-104 Starfighter to show that the Stiletto has made its mark.

6 McDonnell XF-85 Goblin

XF-85 Goblin - Forequarters
Via Wikimedia

Even for something nicknamed “the goblin”, it was a strange excuse for a plane. A “parasitic fighter”, it was designed to drop from the larger Convair B-36 bomber, then take off for quick attacks. He had to be small to fit but still weird with his stocky nose and more like a kid’s toy than a fighter plane should be.

XF-85 Goblin - Side View
Via Reddit

As it happened, the jet could not meet the necessary combat requirements, so the project was canceled, although it would inspire future ideas for a drop beyond a sci-fi vehicle.

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5 Beetles SNECMA C450

French experimental fighter VTOL SNECMA C450
Via Twitter

He never passed the tests, but this French attempt of a VTOL machine must count as a plane that looks like it’s ready for a flight to the moon. It looks more like the front half of a larger plane cut in half, with the odd tube-like shape adding to its fun appeal.

French X plane SNECMA C450
Via Reddit

That it appears to be rolling on wheels like a caddy before take off is odd, yet it was promised to launch quickly and maneuver out of its triangular winglets. They were never able to crack it, so it was cut short after a few test flights, but marked an aircraft that only the French could create.

4 SR-71 Merle

SR-71 Merle
Via Airspacemag

If anything shows how fantastic the Blackbird is, the X-Men comics always have the team using him as their primary profession. One of the fastest planes of its time, the Blackbird was designed to avoid surface-to-air missiles and harder to catch on radar with its speed and unique construction.

Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird aircraft
Via: Lockheed Martin

It can easily walk past some modern airplanes and the fun design looks like it came straight out of a comic book. Put it in a dark night and the Blackbird may confuse more than one about its earthly origins.

3 RQ-3 Black star


This Lockheed Martin craft always attracts attention because of its unique design. The unmanned aerial vehicle was intended to avoid radar detection, but was canceled after a few test flights due to its lack of aerodynamic stability and too high cost.

071025-F-1234S-011 (1)

This wing design may have been a factor with one wing for longer than the other (this would vary by model) with the domed center portion looking quite otherworldly. While it hasn’t been confirmed to have gone into production, the Darkstar is still a pretty weird sight.

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2 Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk

F117 Nightjar
Via Britannica

Seriously, looking at the Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk looks like something from a lower rate Star wars knock-off but still a standout trade. While not quite a full-fledged “stealth” hunter, it sported great speeds, heavy armor, and a design that looked like it was ready to make a trench in the Death Star.

This sophisticated cockpit is incredibly cool and the weaponry supports it in peak performance. Although semi-retired today, the Nighthawk can still tear it up during the day as a plane ahead of its time.

1 B-2 Stealth Bomber

B-21 Raider
Via: Northrop Grumman

From its launch in 1989, the B-2 stealth bomber was considered something from another world. While not as “radar-invisible” as hoped, the B-2, in various incarnations, stood out with its massive wingspan and unique design that resembled a fighter jet. another world.

B-21 Raider Stealth Bomber Rendering USAF Cover
via USAF

It’s no wonder that it has been mistaken for a UFO over the years, as this enormous wingspan has always attracted attention. It’s ironic that a plane destined to avoid detection can never stop monitoring it constantly.


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