The World Games Explained: Air Sports


We are less than two years away from the 2021 World Games which will take place in and around Birmingham. Many probably aren’t familiar with World Games sports, so Alabama NewsCenter explains what you can expect to see. Today we are watching Air Sports.

Air sports are those practiced in the air or during a free fall. The sport originates from France and covers a wide range of recreational activities such as aerobatics, air races, ballooning, gliding, paragliding and parachuting. The games included in air sports are governed by the Federal Aeronautique Internationale, which was founded in 1905. Air sports have participated in six editions of the World Games. Athletes from the United States won the 2017 championships.

Landing precision is one of the keys to Air Sports in the World Games. (contributed)

The World Games offer two air sports disciplines: canopy piloting and drone racing. In canopy control, several tasks are presented to test an athlete’s ability to accurately control the canopy. A parachutist must perform aerial feats over an area of ​​water. The competitor must achieve one of the following four objectives: complete the mission as quickly as possible; complete the water section by landing accurately on the target; reach the greatest distance from the entrance before landing; or perform acrobatic maneuvers with precision.

Scoring is based on speed, precision, control, execution and presentation. Competitors are ranked on a numerical scale. Row one equals one point and row two equals two points. The winner is chosen based on the lowest number of cumulative Ranking Points. In drone races, multi-rotor drones race around specially designed courses.

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