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The Fédération Aéronautique Internationale, FAI – The World Air Sports Federation, was founded in 1905.

It is an international non-governmental and non-profit organization whose main objective is to promote aeronautical and astronautical activities all over the world, ratify world and continental records and coordinate the organization of international competitions. It is recognized by the traineeinternational Olympic Committee (IOC).

A fAfter more than a century of steady growth, the FAI is now an organization of over 100 member organizations, forming a strong network connecting all those involved in air sports around the world.

What does the FAI do

The activities of the FAI include the establishment of rules for the control and certification of world aeronautical and astronautical records. The FAI sets regulations for air sport events that are hosted by Members around the world. The FAI also promotes competence, mastery and safety in aeronautics. The FAI awards medals, diplomas and other awards to those who have contributed to the achievement of these goals as well as to the restoration work of old aircraft.

To achieve these goals, the FAI brings together people who practice air sports from all over the world. They share the pleasure of sliding, the thrill of parachuting and hot air ballooning, the pleasure of flying in a microlight and practice aerobatics.

Within the framework of the FAI, each air sport has an International Commission which is responsible for establishing the rules of competitions and which generally supervises the activities of its particular air sport.

All FAI competitions, championships and record-setting activities are conducted under the direction of the FAI Air Sports Commissions.

The regulations, rules or recommendations which have been accepted by the Commissions at their annual meetings are followed by the delegates themselves at the national level and with the Members who need help to develop their air sports.

Mission and vision of the FAI

Mission and vision statements help the Federation prioritize strategies and make steady progress towards its objectives and goals. They complement and summarize the objectives of the FAI as set out in the Constitution.

The Mission statement as it appears below, describes the reason for the existence of the FAI and should serve as an overall guide for priorities, actions and responsibilities.

“FAI – the world organization for the promotion of air sports and recreational flying”

The Vision statement describes the clear and inspiring long-term desired change resulting from the work of the Federation:

“A world where safe participation in air sports and recreational flying
is accessible to all at a reasonable cost “

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