The FAI and the Olympic Movement


The FAI and the IOC (International Olympic Committee) share much more history than their location in Lausanne, Switzerland.

The FAI is proud to be committed to the Olympic Charter and to be part of the Olympic Movement as an “IF” (International Sports Federation) recognized by the IOC.

The benefits of IOC support

The FAI’s membership in the IOC organization has a beneficial impact on air sports.

  • The IOC provides positive support by upholding the shared values ​​of the FAI and the Olympic Movement, for example by promoting diversity, protecting and building the reputation of air sports and encouraging participation in air sports and solidarity within the the athlete community.
  • The IOC provides financial support for educational, medical and scientific programs; the FAI receives an annual grant from the IOC for anti-doping programs and certain special projects.
  • Members of the FAI can affiliate with the IOC National Olympic Committees (NOCs), giving them access to government grants and vital support for the organization of championships at the national level.

A long-standing commitment to the IOC

The connection between the FAI and the IOC dates back to 1905, when the IOC recommended the creation of an international air sports federation to represent the new genre of aviation-related sports which is developing at a rapid pace as the humans take flight.

Since its creation in 1905, the FAI has continued to forge relationships with the IOC. The two organizations defend the same values ​​of safety, innovation and solidarity while supporting athletes who push the limits to go “faster, higher, stronger”.

The FAI became an “IF recognized by the IOC” (International Sports Federation) in 1986, marking a proud moment in the history of the organization after its 80th anniversary.

Each IF governs its sport (s) at world level and offers support and representation to its member federations in each country. Criteria for obtaining IF status include the participation of more than 40 national federations (the FAI has more than 100 member countries), the organization of world championship competitions, the ratification of records and achievements, and program support. anti-doping as well as the commitment to the Olympic Charter (OC).

The OC is a written declaration which describes the fundamental principles of Olympism and includes the rules and statutes adopted by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). It governs the organization, action and functioning of the Olympic Movement as well as the conditions for the celebration of the Olympic Games.

The FAI is also one of the 39 members of ARISF – the Association of International Sports Federations recognized by the IOC – and also a member of AGAISF – the World Association of International Sports Federations.

In the future

The FAI and IOC continue to have strong relationships and the FAI contributes to the Olympic Movement’s quest for innovation and continuing to move the sport forward into the future.

As the IF, the FAI is called upon to represent air sports at conferences dealing with the future of sport, debating topics such as e-sports, for example drone racing, and how to increase diversity in sport.

In 2014, the FAI was proud to have contributed to Olympic Agenda 2020, the strategic roadmap for the future of the Olympic Movement.

The FAI is also working with the Olympic Channel to broadcast air sports competitions on this global platform, available through the Olympic Channel’s apps and website.

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