Stratolaunch aircraft carrier completes sixth flight test

During the test program, the team encountered results that determined it would not meet the full set of test objectives. Therefore, the team focused on achieving:

  • Ongoing validation of general aircraft performance and handling characteristics, with the addition of newly installed pylon hardware
  • Continuous validation of landing gear operations including door functionality and reciprocating gear extension

“Today’s flight builds on previous successful flights and hardware improvements,” said Dr. Zachary Krevor, CEO and President of Stratolaunch. “We will leverage this flight experience as we complete integrated testing in the coming months and prepare for Talon-A test flights.”

The Stratolaunch team recently integrated the TA-0 Separation Test Vehicle into the carrier aircraft for the first time, signaling a priority push toward captive transport and separation testing that will take place later this year. The team is also making steady progress in integrating its first hypersonic flight test vehicle, TA-1, and in manufacturing a third vehicle, TA-2, the first fully reusable hypersonic test vehicle. The company plans to provide hypersonic flight services to government and commercial customers in 2023.

About Stratolaunch

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