Slide into a new year: EC gets its own Crokicurl rink

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Slide into a new year: EC gets its own Crokicurl rink

get ready to slide and slide with Pinehurst Park’s new way to play

Rebecca Mennecke |

PAVING AT PINEHURST. The new crokicurl rink is being installed at Pinehurst Park in Eau Claire for interested customers to use. (photo added)

After Altoona froze last winter to become the country’s new epicenter growing Canadian sports crokicurl, Eau Claire has decided to be Kubb Capital of North America wasn’t enough, and he too wanted to try out this unique new winter sport. So this winter, Eau Clairians can slide and slide on their very own crokicurl court at Pinehurst Park.

“We thought, if (Altoona) has one, why not see where we can put one?” said Christine Mohr, Facilities and Programs Supervisor for Eau Claire Parks, Recreation and Forestry. “It’s a reason to take people outside and try something new.”

crokicurl combines the Olympic ice sport of curling with crokinol, a Canadian board game in which players toss small tokens towards the highest ranked region on an octagonal board. Crokicul, however, is played on a large ice rink and replaces curling stones with small chips.

Crokicurl rocks will be available at the Pinehurst Park Heated Shelter (where you can also experience Pinehurst Park, Eau Claire sleds, snowshoes and kubb sets for free!) 5-7pm Thursday nights and 4-7pm every other weeknights.

Keep up to date with its completion at Completion is weather dependent, so watch out for particularly cold days and hit the ice rink for some crokicurl fun!

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