Russia says China refused to supply plane parts, state media says

A Russian armored military train appeared on a railway track in Ukraine’s Kherson region on a separate, unconnected line about 100 miles away from where an armored military train was spotted heading towards Melitopol.

CNN geotagged and verified the authenticity of the videos.

In the videos, which have been posted on social media over the past 24 hours, the gun wagons and armored locomotives are seen moving west through central Kherson.

At least one bulldozer is seen in the videos sitting on a flatbed wagon.

A resident of Kherson confirmed that he personally saw the train Thursday in Kherson. CNN is not naming the residents out of concern for their safety.

The resident told CNN they observed a number of military vehicles on the train.

On Tuesday, CNN reported that a Russian armored military train, carrying at least one military vehicle, was seen heading north on another rail line in southeastern Ukraine near Novooleksiivka, Ukraine. The two armored military trains – the one in Novooleksiivka and the one in Kherson – came from Crimea, according to eyewitness footage verified by CNN on social media.

Russia’s apparent ability to freely use and move the armored trains in parts of southern Ukraine testifies to its unchallenged control of the area south of the Dnieper in the wider Kherson region. It could also indicate that they are consolidating their supply lines from bases in Russian annexed Crimea, and deeper in Russia, for their military operations in southern Ukraine.

In northern Ukraine, Russian military advances were repeatedly impeded by Ukrainian military forces which withdrew a number of supply and logistics convoys.

What Russia says: TV Zvedza, the Russian Defense Ministry’s press service, claimed on Tuesday that an armored train in Ukraine was transporting non-Russian foreign nationals out of the country to Russia’s annexed Crimea. On Wednesday evening, Russian state media Russia-1 claimed in a report that the foreign nationals had been transported from the Kherson region to Armyansk, Crimea.

Armyansk has direct rail connections with Kherson, but in Russian-controlled territory, and this line does not intersect with the only line that goes to Novooleksiivka.

CNN’s Mariya Knight contributed reporting for this post.

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