Review of the Thule Urban Glide 2 by a professional runner

Since finding out I was pregnant last spring, I’ve relied heavily on friends, family, and former teammates to help me through this exciting but mysterious time. I ask my sister, mom, and longtime friends a ton of questions: what to read, what to sign up for, what to wear, and what to do about my growing list of physical ailments (the latest of which include ligament pain round). , heartburn, leg cramps, back pain and a comically small bladder capacity). All these questions led me to Thule Urban Glide 2.

For any running-related questions that arise, I rush to my circle of running buddies who have been through at least one pregnancy and have an open-book attitude about it all. From them, I want to know what their training was like during their pregnancies; how they expanded their identity to runners and parents; what equipment allowed them to continue training while their bodies transformed; and, especially as we approach that nine-month mark, how I might organize my return to training and high-level racing once this baby makes his appearance in December.

Thule Urban Glide 2 Jogging Stroller



To that last question, in addition to all the answers centered around physiotherapy, patience, and body awareness, the majority of running moms I asked for advice mentioned Thule jogging strollers at one time or another. Whether they own one, borrowed one, or wish they had splurged on a cheaper alternative, they made me feel like when it comes to running with a small , Thule strollers are the way to go. One of them even nicknamed them “the Cadillac of baby joggers”. I’ve seen enough of them in the wild to know that they really do look elegant. But I also know that for so many people to rave about Thule, there has to be more to it.

Thule Urban Glide 2 review

All three of Thule's jogging strollers come with key features that set them apart from the competition (beyond good looks).

All three of Thule’s jogging strollers come with key features that set them apart from the competition (beyond good looks).


I went straight to the source. Given the pride they take in their products and the passion they have for active, outdoor lifestyles – as well as the company’s popularity among runners – it shouldn’t have been surprising to find that Thule has a good relationship with such top racing parents as Olympians Shalane Flanagan and Jared Ward. Nor, when they learned that I am a professional runner and running author during my third trimester, did they offer to send me a Thule Urban Glide 2 – most recommended model among my friends – so I can see what it’s all about for myself.

Thule Urban Glide 2 Cost

Make no mistake: Thule jogging strollers don’t come cheap. The Urban Glide 2 price ranges from $549.95 to $599.95, while it costs up to $799.95 for the Urban Glide 2 Double (a two-seater), it’s not a casual buy for most buyers. But for dedicated runners who can afford one and the desire to combine their activity of choice with their parenting responsibilities, the expense is well worth it.

Thule Urban Glide 2 Jogging Stroller, Double



All three of Thule’s jogging strollers come with key features that set them apart from the competition (beyond good looks). These include:

  • Rear suspension that creates a smooth ride
  • A padded, fully reclining seat for your little one’s comfort
  • A multi-position canopy for protection from the sun and other elements
  • An ergonomic handlebar and an integrated twist handbrake that makes pushing a little more pleasant
  • A collapsible design for transport and storage purposes

Best of all, like the Thule website says, “Every Thule stroller meets the highest safety standards with features like a 5-point safety harness to keep your child safe.” In other words, Thule takes no shortcuts when it comes to form, function or safety.

While the Glide 2 is technically Thule’s high-performance model, my friends tend to lean towards the Urban Glide 2. The main reason is that it’s extremely versatile. This stroller is designed to smoothly tackle all types of terrain and ride at a wide range of gaits, with a front wheel that swivels but can also be locked in place for more stable jogging.

Thule Urban Glide 2 Stroller Accessories

Thule stroller accessories can make using your stroller even easier. With the additional purchase of a cradle Where infant car seat adapter, it can also be used with a newborn (like the other two jogging stroller models). And the plentiful storage – which includes a large covered cargo basket and four mesh pockets – makes the Urban Glide 2 a great choice for longer rides that require snacks, diapers, toys, noisemakers and all that. which is in your baby equipment stash.

Is the Thule Urban Glide 2 worth it?

The majority of running moms I've asked for advice have referenced Thule jogging strollers at one time or another.

The majority of running mums I have asked for advice have referred to Thule jogging strollers at one time or another.


Since it will be a few more months before I can fully weigh the usefulness of my Thule stroller, I asked for specific and honest feedback from a handful of active moms who have at least a year of experience with theirs.

Advantages of the Thule jogging stroller

According to a competitive marathon runner with two young sons, “They are fast and very easy to navigate. I also love their sleek design and features. The Thule has only what it needs to go fast without the extra bulk. Another elite road runner, also with two little boys, echoed that sentiment: “I love my Thule jogger for its performance. It provides a smooth ride for my kids on all kinds of terrain. From the airport to the zoo to the roads and trails, we’ve traveled a lot of miles together. »

To balance, I also wanted the perspective of Thule owners who are active walkers and joggers, but not elite runners. One, who has the Urban Glide 2 Double to accommodate her two young daughters, said: “It’s very easy to push and turn and it’s a smooth ride for the girls. I also like that you can use it for a long time; our almost three year old doesn’t fit very well in our other stroller, but he has plenty of room in the Thule. Another mum with a one-year-old daughter added, “Love the suspension on the Thule baby jogger. It is so easy to push over rough terrain. I also like the opportunities to explore what it allows me. I can take my baby to the beach and to the forest and it’s easy for me.

The disadvantages of the Thule jogging stroller

If there’s one criticism I’ve heard in these conversations, it’s that Thule joggers aren’t as lightweight or travel-friendly as would be ideal. Two of my sources mentioned that getting theirs in and out of the car poses enough of a challenge that they’d rather use it right from home.

All things considered – price, weight and performance – one of the recreational runners confirmed my initial suspicions, saying, “I think these strollers are great for serious runners, but probably useless for those who don’t hike a lot. miles, unless you have the money for that kind of luxury item.

No one would argue that a baby jogger makes running easier or smoother than a hassle-free ride. But for many parents, the opportunity to share their passion and the great outdoors with their little ones is priceless and well worth the effort. For some, a baby jogger is also the difference between maintaining a running habit and not. There are plenty of more affordable models out there, and most of them probably work just fine, especially for non-serious runners. But if, as my interviews suggest, Thule jogging strollers create an enhanced running experience that makes it more likely for parents of young children to get outside, that’s a splurge I can do.

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