Plane and glider crash in the Swiss Alps, 5 dead

The wreckage was found on Sunday by rescuers looking for a glider. (Representative)


Five people died when a glider and a small plane crashed in the Swiss Alps over the weekend, police said on Monday, adding they were investigating whether the two crashes were linked.

A small plane with the pilot and three other people on board, including a child, crashed into Piz Neir in eastern Switzerland on Saturday, killing everyone on board, regional police in the canton of Graubünden in a press release.

The wreckage was found on Sunday by rescuers searching for a glider that crashed nearby on Saturday, killing the pilot.

The glider had crashed about a kilometer from where the plane was found, at an altitude of 2,700 meters (8,850 ft) above the village of Bivio.

Bad weather had prevented rescuers from accessing the crash site when they received the call on Saturday evening.

Official identification of the victims was not yet completed on Monday, according to the police statement.

The Swiss Transport Safety Investigation Service (STSB) was investigating the cause of the crashes, including whether there was a connection between them, he added.

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