National air sports policy takes off; 1 lakh direct jobs on the anvil

In a major development, Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya M Scindia launched the National Air Sports Policy 2022 (NASP 2022) on Tuesday.

According to official sources, NASP 2022 aims to make India one of the top sports nations by 2030, by providing a safe, affordable, accessible, enjoyable and sustainable air sports ecosystem.

As the name suggests, air sports encompass various sporting activities involving the medium of the air. These include sports like air racing, aerobatics, model aircraft, hang gliding, paragliding, paramotoring, and skydiving, among others.

India has the potential to be among the leading nations in the world of air sports. According to a government statement, the policy will cover the following air sports in India:

– Aerobatics Aero modeling and model rocket

Amateur-built and experimental aircraft

Hot air balloon drones

Gliding and powered flight

Hang glider and motorized hang glider

Skydiving (including skydiving, BASE jumping and flying suits, etc.)

Paragliding and paramotoring (including powered parachute tricycles, etc.)

Motorized aircraft (including ultralight, microlight and light sport aircraft, etc.)

Rotorcraft (including gyroplane)

There will be a four-tier governance structure for air sports in India, namely:

Air Sports Federation of India (ASFI) as the supreme governing body

National associations of individual air sports or a group of air sports, as applicable

Regional (eg, West/South/North, East) or State and Union Territory Units of National Air Sports Associations, as applicable;

District-level air sports associations, if applicable.

Speaking on the future of air sports in India, the minister said, “From a small market of around 5,000 air sports practitioners creating around 80-100 crore in annual revenue in India, I believe we can target over Rs 8,000-10,000 crore. annual revenues and generate more than 100,000 direct jobs. The benefits of the economic multiplier in terms of travel, tourism, support services and local infrastructure development will be more than three times.

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