! Murcia Today – Air navigation: Ryanair operates full flight schedule in Spain despite strikes

Publication date: 06/24/2022

The Spanish government has assured that the airline will provide a “minimum” service throughout the strike

As travelers braced for hundreds of cancellations, or at least major delays, on the first day of the Ryanair cabin crew strike in Spain, things went off without a hitch and the only routes affected were from Belgium, due to the decrease in staff. tools there.
The cabin crew strike in Spain therefore went largely unnoticed on the first day, despite the Trade Union Workers Union (USO) accusing Ryanair of illegal practices by forcing staff to work despite the industrial action voted. However, the Spanish government has decreed that up to 82% of flights should continue as planned, leaving the airline – and cabin crew – with few options other than to comply.

Ryanair CEO Eddie Wilson yesterday predicted there would be no flight cancellations, saying: ‘We believe the shutdowns will not have a big following and the impact will be minimal.

“Even if cabin crew go on strike, they must operate these flights according to the law.

“If you are a striker and you are put on a protected flight, you must operate this flight. There are also a large number of our employees who want to work normally. »

The union takes a different position, however, and spokesperson Ester Peyro said Ryanair cabin crew report to work for fear of being fired.

The airline “has summoned all its staff to Spain as minimum services and they must respect this order because otherwise they will be fired the next day,” she said.

“Basically all Ryanair has done is violate the right of workers to strike, workers who after five years of protests, negotiations and industrial action are still suffering working conditions that fail to respect Spanish legislation.”

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