Hear D Smoke ‘Glide’ Through Hard Times on New Track

On Inglewood rapper D Smoke’s latest single, “Glide,” he soothes himself with reminders of his resilience. The track debuted Tuesday morning with a performance video on the popular minimalist music platform Colors.

Although the song begins with a cocky hook (“I look sexy when I walk in that bitch/I look sexy when I move around your town”), D Smoke goes on to recount moments of struggle and doubt. “Glide” stands as a monument of strength, most titanic when he embodies the encouragement of his mother: “You should know how to keep building your own bridge/And if you need anything, I got you /Chicken, greens, cornbread/And now when you sing it’ll be seasoned /They eat that shit down to the bone left/You will get it if you keep doing well /Even when everyone goes left.

Born Daniel Farris, D Smoke is the winner of Netflix’s 2019 rap reality contest Rhythm + Flow. The 36-year-old beat 29 MCs and impressed judges Cardi B, Chance the Rapper and TI to win the $250,000 prize (rather than, as you’d expect, a record deal). Her debut album, 2020s black habits (released via WoodWorks Records and Empire) earned him Grammy nominations for Best New Artist and Best Rap Album. His follow-up, War & Wonders, came out last September.

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