H55’s zero-emission electric plane takes off in Switzerland


Aviation specialists gathered today at Sion airport in Switzerland to witness the unveiling of a new zero-emission electric aircraft – the Bristell Energic – developed by technology company H55, a spin-off of the project Solar Impulse.

FAI Sports & Events Director Markus Haggeney attended the event to see the fully electric aircraft, which will now be used for pilot training at flight schools, make its maiden flight.

About Bristell Energic

Powered by the H55’s electric propulsion system and manufactured by BRM Aero, the Bristell Energic two-seater is “clean, quiet, economical and safe”. It has an autonomy of one and a half hours and sufficient reserves to be used for a typical training program of a flight school.

The president of H55 – and co-founder and pilot of the Solar Impulse project – André Borschberg said: “The Bristell Energic is a springboard for the development of new air transport solutions, where the challenge will be safety and certification.

About H55

H55 is a technological legacy from Solar Impulse, the first electric aircraft to fly around the world – a feat accomplished in 2016.

Founded by André Borschberg, Sébastien Demont and Gregory Blatt, all members of the former Solar Impulse management team, it produces electric propulsion solutions and works with both existing aircraft manufacturers and companies working on future aeronautical concepts such as VTOLs.

Last year, H55, which aims to make air travel cleaner, quieter, safer and more affordable, was selected as one of the World Economic Forum’s “tech pioneers”, including Google, Twitter and Airbnb.

“Electric air transport will transform and improve urban mobility,” Borschberg added. “By flying our electric planes and monitoring their performance, H55 will continue to create big data essential to the development of VTOLs and flying taxis. “

Photo credit: H55 / Anna Pizzolante

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