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DALLAS – An Antonov AN-30M cargo plane suffered significant damage during a forced landing 17 km from Olenyok Airport (ONK), Russia. All seven occupants survived the crash. Three were injured. The AN-30 belonged to Region 98 LLC, which had contracts with Yakutoptorog.

The plane, registration 30001 and built in 1978, was carrying 6.3 tons of cargo from Yakutsk to Olenyok when the engines lost power due to fuel starvation, according to the plane’s commander. A forced landing was made in an area with small trees.

Extensive damage, flight crew injuries

Due to the forced landing, the NPP Mir Antonov AN-30 aircraft suffered significant damage. The guy disappeared from radar, but it was later discovered that he had landed near ONK. A search and rescue team with an Mi-8 helicopter finally located the plane after it lost contact just before landing.

“[The victims] are hospitalized in the Olenek district hospital,” the district EDDS said, adding that one of the occupants had an open wound on his lower leg, with suspected broken ribs and chest. The other two occupants have bruises and a concussion.

Due to damage to the AN-30 cargo plane, it was written off.

Featured Image: Antonow An-30 fliegt im Rahmen des Vertrages – Open Skies. Photo: By Gartenfreuden (Wolfgang), CC BY-SA 3.0

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