Activity Corner by Anne Draper


The next gathering of poetry enthusiasts will take place on Sunday, January 16 at 3 p.m. As the weather is still likely to be inclement, it will be held in the Old Chapel on Lower Frog Street, Tenby. Keep in mind that it is actually closed on Sundays, so we will enter through the side entrance. Everyone is invited to join us… with or without poetry to share!


Hopefully everyone’s decorations have fallen now, as it was the 12th day of Christmas, Wednesday January 5th, and it’s traditionally the end of Christmas celebrations. In medieval times, the feast and the celebration lasted twelve days with a final feast on the twelfth night after Christmas… this is why Shakespeare wrote his play called “The Twelfth Night”.


This is open Tuesday through Saturday from around 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Old Chapel on Lower Frog Street, and it’s a good place to drop off any food you won’t be able to use on time – whether it’s from your home or your home. business, so that someone else can use it. Between us, the amount of food wasted at Tenby should go down! Please, people can also call to pick up any food they can use – more is coming in all the time and help is needed to stay in control and use the food before it does. should not be thrown away.


There are five species of owls on a regular basis in the UK, of which the barn owl is the most famous. Winter is the best time to see them. As the days are shorter, they are more likely to be seen foraging for food during the day. They are completely silent when hunting, and can see even the slightest movement. Try the edge of a field at sunset where voles and mice may be common. It is a haunting experience to see a pass.


The De Valence is hoping that they can start having films again soon – check out this space – so could you please give any suggestions for which films you would like to come and see. You can let me know on [email protected] or drop by and leave a note to the De Valence council officers. One suggestion is to start with the new James Bond film…


This Thursday, January 13, is the celebration of Lohri. It is a winter festival in India and Pakistan. Bonfires are lit, and people dance and have a special meal to celebrate the lengthening of the days. You could celebrate by making a bonfire with red, yellow, and orange paint. If you use a crumpled piece of tissue paper to smear the paint from the bottom of the page, it can look really effective!


A good way to get to know a place that you think you know even better is to draw a map of it. Draw the area around your house or draw the city. Don’t just put the things everyone knows. Put them in places that are special to you in one way or another. It could be places where your family or friends live, your favorite shops or cafes, the best place to hide from the rain, the place to have the best view or the route of your walk. favorite. You can also put warnings where there are often nettles or where it is often cold in cold weather. You could mark places where things happened to you – where you fell, or where you had your first kiss, maybe. It’s your card – put what’s important or interesting to you on it!


It’s like pickup sticks, but instead of sticks you can use spaghetti. Lay a bunch of spaghetti on the table so that everything is messy and take turns trying to pick up a piece of spaghetti without moving any of the other pieces. As soon as another piece of spaghetti moves, it’s the next player’s turn. Whoever has the most pieces of spaghetti at the end wins.


These can be recycled, but you can also use them to: make a sewing card by choosing a card with a clear image on it and drilling holes around the image. Then someone can practice their sewing skills by sewing through the holes with wool of different colors. Or create a Christmas table mat by cutting out the images of the Christmas cards and arranging them on a piece of A4 card so that they fill it completely – a collage. You can use it as is or laminate it beforehand. Now all you have to do is find a place to keep it so you don’t forget to use it next year!

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