7 ant savings with which to square your accounts

We are going to show you 7 keys to saving that will allow you to control your accounts. When making a forecast of monthly expenses, to control in a more efficient way our domestic economy. We usually make a list of expenses that we share with the people we live with. Expenses such as rent, electricity, water, internet bills, transportation expenses …

However, we always overlook the so-called ant expenses. These expenses, which consist of daily acts, such as having a coffee outside the house, or having dinner with our friends, are precisely those that trigger our final expense.

The good news is that these expenses, or at least a part of them, can be controlled. We give you ideas so you can do it. Remember that minimalism and frugality are good for your finances .

Improvisation is bad


Here you must be very clear how much you want to save per month, and the amount you will be able to spend. It is important that you do not get out of the budget that you are going to set, because otherwise it would be chaos. It is not something really simple, but when the end of the month comes, you will feel very satisfied with the efforts made. If you have expenses that you did not have scheduled, you should try to avoid routines as much as possible .

Use a budget

Use a budget

You can always afford some extra expense, such as having a coffee or going to the movies. The key to saving is not to stop enjoying your life, but to plan your extraordinary expenses well. You must think well how much you are able to spend on whims every day, this is something important when starting in the ant saving .

In this article you can see how, based on Good Finance’s teachings about order at home, order in your finances is very important.

Check the start of each month


It is common in a tight domestic economy, the fact of having the bank account under minimum at the end of the month. This is due in large part to the fact that when we collect the payroll at the beginning of the month, we are invaded by a false sense of abundance, which leads us to trust and therefore spend more money on whims. Before you start making unnecessary expenses, consider the amount of money you are going to lose, just by letting yourself be carried away by an impulse.

Set goals

When it comes to saving , it is also important to have goals to accomplish, such as buying a piggy bank and starting to fill it with 1 euro every day, until you have enough to make a getaway or a vacation. This will motivate you every month when you see your savings increase, and will help you fight ant expenses.

More metallic than cards

We know, credit cards take up less space in the wallet, are more convenient to use and faster, but also, more treacherous. We may think that paying with plastic money does not affect us immediately, but when you look at the last movements of your card, you will notice. Therefore, we recommend that you always make small payments in cash. In this way, you will spend only what you carry in your wallet, and it is also likely that you will think twice before making a purchase that is really unnecessary.

Control transportation spending

It is important that you calculate all the money you usually spend when you travel. This way you will be able to check if you can divide your expenses in displacement . If you are a person who uses own transport, perhaps to work, you can consider the option of car sharing to minimize expenses. On the other hand, if you are a person who uses more public transport, you can look at the different tickets that exist and see which one is the one that best fits your pocket.

Plan your shopping cart

 Plan your shopping cart

Planning your shopping list is something very important that we must always keep in mind, as it avoids unnecessary expenses that could greatly affect our domestic economy. It is advisable to be realistic and avoid ant expenses, such as goodies, industrial pastries, ice cream … Always get to the point and, above all, try to go shopping without hunger.

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